Q: What is DataFlys?

A: DataFlys Wireless Broadband Internet is high speed Internet using radio frequencies instead of cable or phone lines. This is perfect for rural areas where cable and DSL cannot reach.


Q: How does DataFlys work?

A: One of our professional installers places a radio on the eve or roof of the home or building. This radio will connect to a different type of radio on a nearby tower. An exterior-grade Cat5 network cable (100 feet maximum)* is then run down the exterior wall of the home or building. A hole is drilled through the wall and the cable is run into the home or building and is plugged into a POE (Power over ethernet) injector. The POE injector is then plugged into a single computer or customer provided router.

More cable can be run to complete the install at an additional cost. No extra costs will be added unless approved by the customer

Q: What are the minimum computer system requirements?

A: For PC users: Windows XP or higher with an open and working ethernet port

For Mac users: Mac OS 9 or higher with an open and working ethernet port


Q: Does your service require an agreement of any kind?

A: Yes. When you get our service installed, you must sign a two-year agreement where we agree to supply you with super fast high speed internet and you agree to pay us to keep it on.


Q: Does your service support Netflix or other video services?

A: This is probably the most frequently asked question. We are currently upgrading all of our towers and most of our customers have the ability to stream Netflix or Hulu. Many video streaming services require rates as much as 5 Mbps. If the plan you are on currently is not at least a 7/2 package then you will not be able to reliably run Netflix.


Q: Does Magic Jack or Vonage work with DataFlys Internet?

A: Yes. DataFlys does prioritize VoIP traffic to improve the performance of VoIP telephone calls. Overall performance depends on the VoIP providers’ gateway. DataFlys will be offering our very own voip service in the coming months.