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In 1980 the Pickett family found a new home in Muskogee. The family of five came here because they were about to be the newest small business owners in town. They sold their home in Spring, Texas bought a new one in Muskogee and bought an existing local business. In the beginning the focus was video games which all three of their kids loved. Over the years the business model changed to keep up with evolving trends.

In 1995 their youngest son, convinced them to buy an existing dial up internet business. From there a few more acquisitions were made and eventually settled into a fixed wireless internet business. Since the owners, both, grew up on the farm they truly could relate to how hard it is to be without when you are not in the city. DataFlys Fixed Wireless Broadband internet aimed to change that and for thousands of customers in Muskogee and its surrounding areas it did just that.


Currently, DataFlys is doing some major upgrades to its network and will be offering speeds that rival what you could get in Muskogee or even Tulsa. Keep checking our home page for when a tower near you has been upgraded. Once upgraded even our lowest package will be able to do at least 3 times more than our top packages do now.